Short Ride



Short Ride is a crazy bicycle racing game full of troubles and destructive objects. The game theme is a bit more brutal as there are many torture tools and traps waiting for you on your path to the destination. You will have to move through them wisely like a real dauntless stuntman. This cycle racing game has plenty of dangers like deadly spikes, sharp saws, crushers, pits, bombs, and many other tragic traps.

There are 20 challenging levels that come with dangerous items and specific objectives. Strive to collect three stars on each stage. You can unlock new characters with the stars you earned. Meanwhile, multiple vehicles excite your gameplay. However, this happy wheels game allows you to create and customize your course through the level editor.

The colorful display and a combo of adventures, challenges and twists keep you engaged with the short ride gameplay for hours. The main mission is to save your avatar and watch out for the lethal objects. Try to complete the level as soon as possible to get both a time bonus and a level completion bonus.

Have you ever ridden a bicycle off the road? Experience a new taste of gaming on dangerous and bloody tracks in this bicycle ride game.

Game Objective

Short ride bicycle game has different levels with brutal and bloody platforms full of deadly objects. Accumulate stars to unlock new heroes and multiple vehicles. Dodge obstacles and reach the final point to get rewards.

Short Ride Controls

To steer your bicycle forward or backward, you can use up and down keys. The left and right keys allow you to move your avatar. Meanwhile, tap the space key to grab and ride bicycle. Use the level editor to create the course up to your choice. You can customize static and dynamic controls, objects, dangers and vehicles.

Game Features

* Interactive and user-centric interface
* High-quality graphics with terrific themes
* Multiple levels, heroes and vehicles
* Crazy wheels game with intuitive controls
* Excellent background music and sound FX
* Level editor access to create desired levels

Stay agile and showcase your challenging skills to win this crazy bicycle racing game!

Short Ride Gameplay

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