Tanuki Sunset



Tanuki Sunset is an endless skateboarding game with an energetic raccoon character called Tanuki. Drift around the corners and control the fast-paced movement on your skateboard. All your skateboarding stunts and tricks will award you bonus points. Cruise downhill, avoid obstacles and vehicles, and collect maximum gems to earn points.

Enjoy the visual aesthetics and high-quality soundtrack in one of the best skateboarding games on your device. However, excellent theme, superb graphics, and smooth animations hype your interest in a long-lasting gameplay experience. Get awarded for exceptional riding, drifting, near misses, and other skateboard tricks.

Showcase your challenging skills and test your reflexes to save your raccoon protagonist!

How to Play Tanuki Sunset

Guide your raccoon protagonist in the long run. Control the cute raccoon into the sunset on winding roads. You intend to collect ringing phone icons and answer the floating phone. Help the baby raccoon floating on a balloon. Catch the raccoon to get a companion on your endless downhill adventure.

Gameplay Tips

  • Ride on your skateboard and dodge obstacles
  • Drift around corners and do skateboard tricks
  • Ride, slide and drift to earn maximum points
  • Complete points meter to spin the roulette wheel


Press Esc to pause and Space bar to drift. Use left/right arrows or A/D keys to move left or right. Press W or Up arrow to maintain a speed stance. Tap S or Down arrow to slide up to 180-degree.


  • Elegant interface with intuitive controls
  • High-resolution and colorful visuals
  • Stereo soundtrack and music effects
  • Addictive gameplay with a unique theme
  • Different skateboard stunts and adventures
  • Infinite skateboarding game with multiple awards

Tanuki Sunset Gameplay

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