Getting Over It



Getting over it is a challenging rock climbing game with an exciting theme. You will experience mountaineering with nothing but a pot and a hammer. Showcase your strategic skills to cope with difficult challenges coming on the mountain. There are tons of uneven blocks and giant fruits in this mountain climb game that make your way unforgiving. Keep climbing over the hazards and peculiar items. Get over the top to win exciting and big rewards.
Jumping over it is an arcade climbing game in which you lead your cute cat to the top of mountain. All you have is a hammer and a pot to accomplish the mission. Are you ready for the difficult challenge of a mountaineering expedition? Turn yourself into a strong mountain climber who never gives up against the tricky areas of a mountain. However, this is one of the intriguing climbing games for fans that keep them entertained during a long-lasting gameplay experience.

Game Storyline:

Our get over it game resembles the traditional version of getting over it video game, developed by Bennett Foddy in 2017. Here the main character is a cat with a hammer and pot climbing over giant fruits and colorful blocks. Our rock climb game is a perfect combo of fun, adventure and challenges.

Game Controls:

Move and place the hammer with the mouse. Take your time because going fast can send you back. Keep practicing until you can swing, fly and climb with full controls.

Gameplay Tips:

* Place the hammer carefully on giant blocks and fruits to jump over them
* Navigate yourself firmly because wrong movements can bring you back
* Keep an eye on the tricky ups and downs to get over the top
* Complete the mission to unleash surprising rewards

Plenty of obstacles and objects are waiting for you on the way and you have nothing to dodge them but a hammer. Isn’t it sound crazy? Let’s explore the adventure of mountain climbing!


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