Big Shot Boxing



Step into the ring with “Big Shot Boxing” and immerse yourself in the raw energy of the boxing world, reminiscent of those classic arcade punch-outs. It’s a retro style boxing game. Ever dreamt of throwing that perfect hook or landing a one-shot KO? Now’s your chance!

At first you need to choose your fighter and tailor the journey from an underdog to a boxing legend. Remember, it’s not just about muscle, your brains are just as crucial in outwitting opponents and seizing those championship belts.

How to Play

Step into the ring and throw punches until you defeat your opponent. Dodge their hits, time your special moves, and aim for the knockout. As you win, climb the ranks and challenge tougher boxers. Your goal? Become the undisputed boxing champion.

Tips and Tricks

  • Train hard and upgrade skills to give your boxer an edge.
  • Don’t go all out immediately. Manage your stamina for later rounds.
  • Learn each opponent’s pattern. Some might favor jabs, others hooks. Adjust accordingly!
  • Use your special move wisely. It can turn the tide of a close match.


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