Among Us



Among Us isn’t just a game, it’s a test of trust, a battle of wits, and a whole lot of sneaky sabotage wrapped up in a space-themed adventure. You’re either crewing up on a spaceship, trying to keep it running by completing tasks, or you’re an impostor, scheming to take everyone out before they catch on.

How to Play

If you’re a crewmate – your job is to run around the ship, fixing it up with various tasks, and keep an eye out for anything…off. Spot a body? Call a meeting and try to figure out who among you is the traitor.

As an impostor – you’re playing the long game – sabotage the ship, sneakily eliminate the crew, and if someone starts suspecting you, maybe throw a little suspicion their way instead.

Master the art of deception with these strategies:

  • Fake tasks properly to blend in. Mimic completing tasks, especially when crewmates are nearby, to build an alibi.
  • Eliminate players who can prove their innocence through visual tasks immediately.
  • Act like a crewmate. Participate in discussions and vote, but don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself.
  • Initiate sabotage to create chaos and separate crewmates, making it easier to pick them off.
  • Use vents strategically for quick escapes, but be cautious not to be seen.


Interact with tasks or sabotage efforts with simple taps or clicks.
Use the chat to discuss, accuse, or maybe even deceive your fellow players.

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep an eye on your mates; remember who’s been where and doing what.
  • As an impostor, blending in is key. Act busy, and maybe even fix a thing or two.
  • Communication is crucial. Use meetings to your advantage, but don’t be too quick to accuse.

Among Us Gameplay

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