Smash Karts



Smash Karts is an online multiplayer battle game in which you can play against friends or unfamiliar players around the globe. Racing smash theme brings a fast-paced action to the arena where players battle for their survival. Each brawl deathmatch round consists of up to 8 players, the player who kills more opponents within three minutes will be the winner.

Master the arena racing strategies and collect devastating weapons to mow down your rivals. You will find different power-ups on your way, such as machine gun, rockets, mines and invincibility power. However, players can unlock powerful karts, new characters and customizable items to spice up their gameplay. Let’s play the multiplayer kart smash game to test your challenging skills!

Game Objectives:

The real-time multiplayer battle consists of up to 8 players in each round. Accumulate power-ups like machine gun, mines, rockets and invincible powers to knock down other competitors. Kill maximum opponents in three minutes to win the battle.

Gameplay Tips:

  • Accumulate dangerous weapons and power-ups
  • Explore new tracks, smash cars and characters
  • Kill maximum opponents in three minutes round
  • Add friends to play smash karts games with online friends


Players can use up, down, left and right arrows for directional movements of smash car. Even they can use WASD keys for similar controls. Press the Space button to shoot the opponents with the weapons you have at the moment.

Game Features:

  • Elegant interface and eye-pleasing graphics
  • Dozens of interesting and unique characters
  • Different karts with wheels, helmets and skins
  • Deadly weapons to play deathmatch game
  • Explore tracks with fast-paced action
  • Play team battle or score target modes
  • High-fidelity background sound effects
  • Free kart racing game for online players

Smash Karts Gameplay

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