Axis Football League



Axis Football League is a challenging football game for American football enthusiasts. Play intensive football matches and lead your team to gain victory. There are different options and strategies to control your team and players’ placement. Choose the suitable arrangement for attack and defense according to match the situation.

American football simulator has smooth gameplay with different levels of difficulty for players. Score more goals than your opponent team in 5 minutes round to win the challenge. Even this is one of the best American football games for kids and adults to kill their boredom.


The football court will consist of 2 halves and each match will last 5 minutes. Score more goals than opponent team to win the Football game. If both teams have same score after 5 minutes, they will go to Sudden-death round for some extra time. The team that scores the first goal will be declared victorious.


Axis Football game allows you to choose your favorite team from 15 football teams. They have different strength stats of rushing, passing, blocking, pass DEF and rush DEF. Have a glance at the list of teams.
• Arizona
• Baltimore
• Carolina
• Chicago
• Dallas
• Indianapolis
• New England
• New Orleans
• New York
• Oakland
• Pittsburgh
• Philadelphia
• San Diego
• San Francisco
• AFL All-Stars

Gameplay Tips

• Choose difficulty level; Rookie, Pro, All-Star and Hall of Fame
• Choose appropriate players arrangement for attack and defense
• Select the team having high strength stats such as passing, blocking, etc.
• Showcase strategies and score maximum goals to earn a victory


Move the player with arrow keys or WASD keys. Move the mouse to aim the kick and press Spacebar to kick the ball. Tap on the left button of mouse to change the player.

Game Features:

• Interactive and user-friendly interface
• Clean graphics with smooth animations
• Intuitive controls and different strategies
• Four difficulty levels to enjoy gameplay
• Free football games for all players

Spice up your gaming experience with the Axis Football League game!


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