Road Fury



Road Fury is an addictive car driving and retro shooting game with an endless track. Attack the fury cars coming to you. Accelerate your car and blast the retro racing cars with a cannon mounted on the roof. Your vehicle will fire automatically and you just need to change its position. Destroy maximum vehicles and collect dropped coins, health packs, boosters, and destructive laser weapons.

Achieve targets to unlock new vehicles having high powers and extended lifetimes. Accumulate coins to get magnets, shields, boosters and props. Upgrade your ammunition to produce massive damage against rivals. In this car shooting game, you will also encounter retro boss shooters armed with deadly weapons. Can you beat them to become the leading road warrior in Road Fury game?

Grab the steering and knock all the enemies down. Our retro car game encourages players with extra rewards and new items that keep them engaged with the furious road shooting gameplay. The game counts your covered distance, killed enemies and killed bosses to provide a collective reward.

Road Fury Game Controls:

Roof-mounted cannon on your car fires automatically. All you have to do is steer your vehicle in the right position. Basically, the game is developed for touchscreen, but players can enjoy this fury road game with a mouse. Tap the mouse twice to hold the control and drag it back or forth to steer the car.

Road Fury Game Tips:

– Complete specific targets to unlock new vehicles
– Use coins to upgrade weapons and props
– Destroy enemies to collect coins, health packs and boosters
– Cover maximum distance to get an extra distance reward
– Stay active in furious battles against boss fury cars

Game Features:

– High-resolution and elegant graphics
– Interactive and user-friendly interface
– Unlockable vehicles and powerful weapons
– Tracks your achievements instantly
– Retro racing and car shooting game
– Dense and realistic sound effects

Showcase your driving and shooting skills to overcome the car fighting scene!

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