Tecmo Bowl



Tecmo Bowl is an addictive retro sports game launched by the National Football League Player Association in 1996. This super bowl game helps you to explore football strategies and enjoy every gameplay moment. Guide your team players and lead the ball to score touchdowns. Get more points than your opponent’s team to win the football match.

There are two modes such as 1P mode and 2P mode. Choose the single player mode to play alone with AI opponents. Play 2 players modes to compete online with friends or family. Set the best attacking and defensive placements to beat your opponents comprehensively. Intensive gameplay and impressive set-ups keep you engaged for hours and turn your dull moments into enjoyable ones.


There are 12 teams in Tecmo super bowl game that have different strengths. Let’s have a glance at the list of teams.
• NE
• Jknsville
• Denver
• Buffalo
• Dallas
• GrnBay
• Carolina
• Pittsburgh
• Philadelphia
• Indianapolis
• San Francisco
• Minnesota

Game Modes

There are two main modes in the Tecmo Bowl game to play offline or online.
1P Mode:
1 player mode allows players to play alone with CPU. Enjoy competition with a challenging opponent team and develop your playing abilities.
2P Mode:
2 players mode allows you to compete with real opponents. Invite your friends or siblings to play a real-time competition.

Gameplay Tips

  • Set an attacking position to overcome the opponent
  • Set a defense position to block the opponent’s attack
  • Control your team and lead the ball to score touchdowns
  • Gain more points than your opponent to win football playoffs


Press the Enter button to skip instructions and start the game. Arrange and move your team players with arrow keys.

Game Features

  • Interactive and user-friendly interface
  • Relaxing, pleasant and clean graphics
  • Smooth animations and sound effects
  • Realistic teams, strategies and arrangements
  • Includes both single and multiplayer modes
  • Free classic football bowl game for everyone

Interact with AI or real opponents and play exciting football games in Tecmo Bowl retro sports game!

Tecmo Bowl Gameplay

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