Basketball Stars



Basketball Stars is the ultimate gaming experience for basketball enthusiasts, developed by Madpuffers. Boasting stunning 3D graphics and a variety of game modes, Basketball Stars lets you immerse yourself in the world of basketball and compete against famous legends like LeBron James, Derrick Williams, and Stephen Curry.

Key Features

Impressive Graphics – Experience detailed, vivid graphics that bring your basketball games to life with realistic player movements and smooth animations.
Multiple Game Modes – Choose between quick matches, full tournaments, solo single-player mode, or two-player mode with friends and family.
Authentic Gameplay – Showcase your skills with dribbling, feinting, shooting, stealing, smashing, and blocking, all with intuitive controls.
Customizable Characters – Personalize your basketball player with various hairstyles, skin colors, jersey types, and accessories.
Progress and Rewards – Conquer the extended career mode to gain medals, climb the leaderboard, and unlock over 60 basketballs.

How to Play:

Begin by creating groups to play with friends or enjoy solo 1v2 and 2v2 basketball games. Opt for tournament mode to challenge yourself and become a basketball legend. Each round lasts 1 minute, and your goal is to outscore your opponent using dunks, 3-pointers, passes, steals, and more.

Dribbling – Swipe your finger in the desired direction to move and dribble the ball automatically.
Shooting – Tap and hold the “Shoot” button, release when the power meter reaches the optimal level.
Blocking – Tap the “Block” button as your opponent shoots, focusing on timing and anticipation.
Stealing – Tap the “Steal” button when close to the opponent with the ball, using precise timing and positioning.
Dunking – Tap and hold the “Shoot” button near the basket, swipe upwards at the optimal power meter range.
Practice and Strategy – Gain experience, unlock new moves, develop a well-rounded skillset, and adapt your strategy to your opponents.


Player One:
WASD or Arrow keys to move
X/L keys to shoot or steal the ball
S key to smash or block
A+A or D+D keys (double-tap) or left/right arrows twice to dash
K/Z keys for long throw

Player Two:
Arrow keys to move
L key to shoot or take action
Down Arrow to pump
K key for super shot
Double Left Arrow to dash


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