Stumble Guys



Stumble Guys is an exciting multiplayer knockout game in which you play multiple chaotic missions. Explore an exquisite survival mode game to rescue your stumble guy till the last round. Strive to surpass all obstacles and reach your destination. You can enjoy royale battle and death race running game rounds.

Stumble Guy game brings intriguing knockout battles with plenty of levels having diverse challenges. Every level becomes intensive because about half the number of players are eliminated in each round. However, players can customize characters with decent skin colors and facial expressions.

Control your character and lead your stumble guy to the winning line!


In the Stumble Guys knockout game, 32 players compete online for survival. They move through a series of crazy challenges. Only qualified players can get their seats to the next round. In the final round, only 8 players compete to select one winner. Play smartly and overcome impediments to become the winner.

Gameplay Tips

  • Each round has different intent so remember your specific targets
  • Use two buttons, one to move your character and one to run, jump or slide
  • Double click to help your character slide forward and overcome the obstacles


  • User-centric interface and elegant graphics
  • Pleasing appearance with colorful visuals
  • Breath-taking rounds give you goosebumps
  • Multiple customization options for players
  • Knockout multiplayer game with intuitive controls
  • Relaxing background music and sound effects

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