Duck Hunt



Duck Hunt is an addictive duck hunting game in which you shoot ducks with bullets. Aim and shoot down flying ducks to earn maximum points. Make sure not to shoot the dog character, as the dog is an unsung hero for you in the duck shooting games. Dog will sniff the smell of the ducks and present them to you for a hunting adventure.

This crazy retro shooting game is easy to learn but hard to master because you will have to become a smart duck shooter who can aim quickly moving ducks. You will have a limited number of bullets, so knock down all the ducks with a few bullets to spare. However, this duck hunting simulator is one of the best duck shooting games for kids and adults.

Test your strategic skills and hunt ducks to become duck commander!


The primary intent of hunt duck game is to aim and shoot ducks that appear from a first-person perspective. Kill maximum ducks and don’t let anyone go away.

Gameplay Tips

– Keep an eye on movements of ducks
– Aim and shoot the ducks accurately
– Get more red ducks than white ducks
– Don’t hit the dog, as he is on your side
– Keeping hunting ducks to advance to next levels


Press the Enter key to start the gameplay. Use the mouse to aim and shoot the ducks. Press C button to customize and create levels up to your desire.

Game Features

– Interactive interface with simple controls
– High-quality, clean and colorful graphics
– Smooth animations and music effects
– Duck hunter with intensive gameplay
– Unlimited fun game with different modes
– Free duck hunting game with lots of levels

Enjoy the happy birds hunting experience to become a sharp duck shooter!

Duck Hunt Gameplay