Backyard Baseball



Backyard Baseball provides a delightful journey into a classic baseball world. The game’s graphics, reminiscent of the pixelated charm of yesteryears, coupled with a plethora of diverse characters, are sure to grip you. It’s the array of tasks and objectives, however, that’ll truly keep you hooked.

Unleashing the Team Manager in You

In Backyard Baseball, you’re not just a spectator; you are the team manager. It’s your call to select your team members and guide them to glory. With a blend of strategic planning and precise execution, you pave the path for your team’s victory on the field.

A Game of Tasks: Home Runs and More

The game isn’t merely about watching your team play. With numerous tasks like hitting home runs or striking out opponents, Backyard Baseball demands that you channel your inner baseball devotee. It’s these tasks that transform the game from an enjoyable pastime to a compelling challenge.

How to Play

Score runs by hitting the ball strategically and allowing your players to advance through the bases. The game continues until a set number of outs is reached, and your final score is determined by the total runs you’ve scored.

Tips and Tricks

  • Select a balanced team to maximize your chances of success
  • Adapt your tactics to the specific challenges and objectives of each match
  • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your players to make informed decisions on the field
  • Practice your batting, pitching, and fielding skills to improve your overall performance


Backyard Baseball is developed by Humongous Inc.