Hole.io is an online black hole game in which you control a moving black hole, eating up everything around the city. Start with swallowing small objects to enlarge your black suck hole. The bigger the black hole you make, the larger objects you can suck in. This is an arcade battle game between black holes swallowing the things on their way. Strive and surpass other hole monsters to win the eating up everything battle.

Explore dozens of new skins that can be unlocked by achieving specific targets. Interestingly, players can choose different maps up to their desires. This hole. io game has two modes that give you a personalized and royal battle experience. All these features and unique themes provide an exquisite taste of online gaming. Meanwhile, this city eating game is developed for players of all ages. So, get your hands on it and enjoy your time!

Our black hole runner game tracks the achievements of all black holes to decide their current positions. Eat maximum humans, animals, plants, buildings and vehicles to secure the first position. The gameplay becomes super addicting when your giant mouth black hole moves around the town, eating everything and leaving behind the competitors.

Hole.io Tips:

  • Initially, swallow small objects to size up your black hole
  • Keep eating all structures that you are able to swallow
  • Devour humans, animals, cars, plants, buildings and everything
  • Survive and stay away from other hole monsters to win battles
  • Unleash new skins, realistic maps and exciting modes

  • Game Controls:

    To play holeio game on the touchscreen, touch anywhere on screen and drag your finger to move your black hole. Or tap on the mouse and drag for desired movements.

    Hole.io Features

  • High-quality and user-friendly interface
  • Eye-pleasing and colorful graphics
  • Multiple maps and realistic environments
  • Blackhole.io game with intuitive controls
  • Dozens of skins and dual modes
  • Tracks your position on the leaderboard
  • Calm and relaxing background music
  • Hole.io Gameplay

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