Pizza Tower



Pizza Tower is an exciting 2D platformer game inspired by classic retro games like Wario Land. Dive into this pixelated world as Peppino Spaghetti, a fearless pizza chef, on a spirited mission to rescue his restaurant from a scheming scientist.

As Peppino, you aren’t just jumping and dodging; you’re strategizing, collecting power-ups, and evolving your character. Remember, every slice of this pizza world hides a secret, and every level has its own flavor of fun.

If you’re a sucker for nostalgic games or simply crave a platformer with a spicy twist, Pizza Tower is your go-to game.

How to Play

Guide Peppino through the pizza factory’s levels, dodging obstacles and confronting enemies. Your goal? Reach the end of each stage safely and collect as many power-ups and coins as you can.

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep those eyes peeled for sneaky hidden rooms and mysterious shortcuts – they might just be your secret ingredient to success.
  • Want Peppino to look stylish and up his game? Grab those coins! They’ll unlock sizzling outfits and game-changing abilities for our chef-hero.
  • Timing is everything in the kitchen and in the game. Perfect your jumps, especially on those tricky moving platforms – you’ve got this!


Move – Arrow Keys
Charge – X
Jump – Z
Highjump – ↑ + Z
Freefall – ↓ while falling
Press Z to Select and Start the game


Pizza Tower is developed by Tour De Pizza in 2023.


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