Big Tower Tiny Square



Big Tower Tiny Square is an addictive climbing action game with a 2D platform full of devastating obstacles. This challenging game is easy to understand but hard to master. Surpass all impediments and go all way up to rescue your pineapple. Navigate small streets to reach the top of the big tower. You will get unlimited lives during gameplay, but precision is the key to success.

Tap tower game is the hardest game; even pro players take pretty much time to guide tiny square to the top. While beginners could get frustrated so they should be calm at the start. Every section of big tower is devilishly designed that can be crossed with patience. Platform 2D action game requires excellent timing, long jumps and superb coordination to accomplish the target.

Game Objectives:

The game intent is to get on the top of tower and rescue your pineapple waiting for you on the top. Guide the tiny square and cross all dreadful sections of tower. Let’s see how much time you will take to complete the mission.

Gameplay Tips:

  • Jump off the walls to reach higher platforms
  • Practice active reflexes and big jumps
  • Go all the way up and retrieve the pineapple
  • Watch out for the obstacles coming on the way


Press the Space bar to start the game. Press Up key to jump and use arrow keys to move right or left. Jump off the walls to reach the top of tower and get your pineapple back.

Game Features:

  • User-friendly interface with smooth animations
  • Pleasant climbing action game on 2D platform
  • Excellent practice of run and jump games
  • Dense background music and sound effects
  • Unique theme with different sections and hurdles

Big Tower Tiny Square Walkthrough

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