Tiny Fishing



Tiny Fishing is an addictive fishing adventure game in which you become a pro fisherman. Cast your fishing hook and catch maximum fish to earn coins. You can unlock different hooks and exciting options to spice up the gameplay experience. High-resolution colorful display and smooth animation help to cherish the flavor of the new fishing game.

You can gradually increase the fishing depth and number of fish with rewarded coins. All the fish have different values and move at a specific pace. The deeper you cast the hook, the bigger and more valuable fish you can catch. Therefore, reach the maximum depth to earn maximum rewards. Enjoy the unlimited fun game with your friends.

Play fishing games and dive into an aquarium full of cute fish!

Gameplay Tips

  • Increase the maximum number of fish
  • Improve fishing depth to catch high-valued fish
  • Unlock different hooks to develop your fishing line
  • Try to catch the treasure box to get ultimate reward


Tiny fishing game has simple and handy controls. Just use the mouse to start the game and use the mouse to cast the hook. Your fishing hook will automatically catch the fish that come on its line.

Game Features

  • User-friendly interface with an elegant display
  • High-quality, clean and eye-pleasing graphics
  • Addictive gameplay with intuitive controls
  • Smooth animations with visual creatures
  • Pleasant background music and sound effects
  • Supports two languages; English and Russian

Enjoy an exquisite fishing life to turn your dull moments into enjoyable ones!

Tiny Fishing Gameplay

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