4th and Goal



4th and Goal is an exciting American Football game in which you play as an attacking quarterback player. Being a pro quarterback, play for the victory of your team. There are different teams, team arrangement options and strategies in this new version of the football quarterback game series. Use the best moves, score maximum touchdowns and try to get a few meters for yourself.

In this American Football quarterback game, you can play single championship or playoff season. Track current game insights such as interceptions, touchdowns, completions, pass yards, and rush yards. If you are in the football fandom zone, showcase your enthusiasm and techniques in the flick quarterback game. However, this QB football game provides a perfect combo of fun, tactics and challenges.

Dominate your quarterback position and play for the dignity of your team!

Game Objective

Become one of the leading football quarterbacks on the football court in the 4th and goal quarterback game. Choose suitable moves and use different set-ups for a perfect passing play. Snatch a few meters and score maximum touchdowns to gain victory.

Gameplay Tips

• Choose different moves and field placements
• Get a few meters to set up another pass play
• Make big hits and score football touchdowns
• Play championship match or playoff tournament


• Move your player with arrow keys
• Use ASD keys to Pass/Play on offense
• Press W to use Speed Boost while running
• Press the Spacebar to snap the ball
• Use the mouse for menu navigation

Game Features

• Simple and user-friendly interface
• High-quality and pleasant graphics
• Includes different set-ups and moves
• Flick football game with intuitive controls
• Realistic strategies to lead your team
• New version of 4th and Goal football game
• Free ball throwing game with sound effects

4th and Goal Gameplay