Retro Bowl



Retro Bowl is a great game where you can enjoy the retro sports experience in a fun way. You can access the 8 bit graphics and you will be impressed with the numerous teams and engaging moments you can have here. The game requires you to fulfill the train duties and also ensure that the defenders, kickers and quarterbacks are always powerful.

That’s why Retro Bowl is exciting because you can manage your team, create tactics for the game and also pick the right composition that will lead you to victory. Not everything will lead to a win, but you really need to find the right way to deal with such issues. And that’s where Retro Bowl really shines, because it’s fun and exciting, not to mention it gives that retro feel.

If you love sports games or you just want to test out your skills as a manager for the desired football team, Retro Bowl is right for you. It’s a very exciting and fun game with lots of creative ideas you can cherish and enjoy. Plus, you can always get better by trying out new ideas and really pushing the limits. This is definitely worth a try for all sports fans.

How to Play

To score a touchdown you need to advance the ball into the opposing team’s end zone and it’s worth six points. Also you can kick the ball through goalposts and you will get three points for that.

Tips and Tricks

  • Manage and train your own football team
  • Perform daily duties
  • Change commands and strategize’


Retro Bowl is developed by New Star Games in 2020.


Nintendo Switch

Retro Bowl Gameplay

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