Shards is an addictive brick breaking game with unique patterns and a modern approach. There are dozens of challenging levels waiting for you to explore in this classic brick breaker game. Launch the ball to start the action and keep the ball inside the room with the help of a paddle. Collect power-ups and props to spice up your gameplay.

Shards game is an advanced evolution that provides an exquisite bricks breaking gaming experience. You will get powerful boosters such as fast ball, sticky ball, power ball, laser paddle, multiple balls and much more. All you have to do is break bricks in the minimum time span. Break the shards having arbitrary positions and sizes.


Your primary intent is to destroy all bricks as soon as possible. Collect power ups to make your gameplay easier and exciting. Enjoy all three difficulty levels to experience brick breaking game at its best.

Game Tips:

– Aim and shoot ball in ideal angles and positions
– Change the game speed slow, normal or fast
– Knock down the glassy enemies, shardiens
– Accumulate props to enjoy your gameplay
– Wipe out bricks in as short time as possible


Click the mouse to launch the ball and start the game. Drag the mouse to move the paddle right or left. Catch falling power ups and shoot all bricks.


– User-centric interface and colorful graphics
– High-quality and clean fractal background
– Different levels with unique patterns
– Enjoy various power-ups and boosters
– Original soundtracks and music effects
– Brick breaker games with intuitive controls
– Unique themes with a revolutionary approach